Studio Policies

Location and Parking

Colledge Piano Studio is located at 665 Canyon Road, Providence, UT 84332.
Please park in the circular drive and not in front of the mailbox. Please pull
forward as far as you can to allow room for the next student.

Teacher Responsibilities

  • Provide a safe and healthy environment. Mrs. Colledge will follow the same protocols for Covid-19 as recommended by the state including wearing a mask if cases start rising again, and students will be asked to wear a mask as well if there is another spike or outbreak. If students wish to wear masks even after they are not required, Mrs. Colledge will wear masks during those lessons as well. The piano keys will be disinfected between each student/family.
  • Provide a positive and self-esteem building atmosphere for learning.
  • Get to know each child’s interests and hobbies, both personal and musical, and allow each child to select some of their own pieces based on those interests.
  • Encourage a feeling of success and achievement at each student’s level of learning by teaching them how to discover answers for themselves.
  • Offer multiple performance opportunities and a balanced program of theory, technique, sight-reading, ear-training, and performance.
performance costume

Parent Responsibilities

  • Be interested and supportive! If parents ask their children to teach them the things they have learned, it reinforces and strengthens the knowledge in the child. Children love to be the teacher!
  • Provide an acoustic piano in the best possible condition, tuned yearly. Digital keyboards are acceptable provided they come with 88 weighted keys.
  • Set aside a regular practice time each day to develop self-discipline and good practice habits. This can be done all at once or divided into shorter sessions. Young children will need daily help from parents.
  • Check your child’s notebook and watch for emails with pertinent information.
  • Provide a practice environment that is free from distractions and interruptions. 
  • Provide a metronome, notebook, and required method books/repertoire
  • Drop off/pick up promptly before and after lessons.
  • Pay tuition on time.
  • Do not send students when they are sick! If students are sick but still feel up to having a lesson, Facetime or other online methods work very well! It also works well during severe weather when you may not want to venture out.
  • Please communicate any questions or concerns you may have about your child’s progress. Parents are welcome to attend lessons at any time.

Student Responsibilities

Arrive at each lesson well prepared and on time.

Practice! In order to progress, daily practice (ideally 6 days a week) is necessary. Mrs. Colledge understands that there will be weeks when practice will be interrupted because of sickness, vacations, etc., but students who come consistently unprepared will be on notice and may be replaced. 

Students should keep track of their practice time in their notebooks so that Mrs. Colledge can determine if difficulties they are having are due to a lack of understanding or explanation or a lack of practice. Practice time varies based on the age and level of each student. 

While putting in enough practice time is important, goal-oriented practice is preferred. Setting practice goals and working until those goals are completed will accomplish more than setting a timer. Students who only practice with a timer will tend to just “fill time” which often results in pieces that are just played through without correcting mistakes. Contrary to popular belief, practice does NOT make perfect! Practice makes permanent! It takes perfect practice to make perfect pieces. There will be specific directions for practice given each week. This may mean your child’s practice time may fluctuate depending on the length of time it takes to perfect certain passages.


Colledge Piano Studio does not require a registration fee, recital fee, or music library rental fee.

Tuition is $100 per month for 30-minute lessons, or $150 for 45-minute lessons. Group lessons will be given periodically in place of regular lessons and will last an hour. Group lessons provide performance opportunities which help build confidence and prepare for recitals and competitions. They also provide opportunities to cover different music aspects such as composition, music history, composers, as well as playing music games that reinforce music theory. 

Tuition is due at the first lesson of each month. Venmo is preferred, but checks or cash are also accepted. As with university tuition, extra-curricular classes, dance or sports team fees, piano lesson tuition is based on time scheduled, not lessons attended. Make-up lessons may be given if availability and time permits for lessons missed for valid reasons such as illness, vacations, or family emergency. No make-ups will be offered for lessons not cancelled in advance. FaceTime lessons or swapping with another student are great solutions for not missing lessons, or creating videos of prepared material for Mrs. Colledge to evaluate and respond to is another option. Approximately every 3 months there will be 5 lessons in the month which will help cover missed weeks, as well as make-up times available during group lesson weeks. During the summer months, families can choose one month to take half off the cost of tuition to accommodate family vacations.

Performance Opportunities

There are three scheduled piano recitals held during the year – one in the spring, one in the fall, and the Christmas recital. The Christmas recital consists of all duets or trios and is the favorite one of the year! Learning to play in ensemble is invaluable for building accompaniment skills.

In addition to recitals, students who are interested may participate in different competitions and festivals held during the year. For high school students, the Young Artist’s Cup and Regional and State Solo and Ensemble festivals provide opportunities to advance as performers. In addition, for advanced students, the Cache Symphony holds an audition each year for the chance to perform a concerto with the symphony. USU holds a yearly Piano Fest for students of all ages to perform and be evaluated, as well as participate in a fun music festival with the opportunity to win prizes. 

Video/Recording Release

Colledge Piano studio reserves the right to use video recording or take photographs of students for use in virtual recitals and studio owned websites. Videos and recordings become the property of the studio and can be used at the discretion of Mrs. Colledge. Colledge Piano Studio follows online safety rules in this matter. If you prefer your child’s videos not be included, you have the right to opt out by notifying Mrs. Colledge in advance.